Tuesday, 12 May 2015


This month started with Holy Week
April’s fool is the main target of many. In the three schools it had been announced holiday earlier but some who boycotted class previously did not know holidays and came for class; they saw the closed door of the School. Cheating the school, finally they were cheated themselves.
On the first of this month, Br Efra arrived in our Community. On the following day was Holy Thursday, Br Subash said good-bye to our Community as well as to our Institute, though he is separated from our Institute, the teaching of the Holy Family is always with him as well those who passed through our Community. 
On these days there were no many priests or religious from other places so Brothers were involving in all the activities of the celebrations. In the Community too we had our own time to spend with the Lord.
On the Easter eve (Vigil) all participated, there were many faithful people, some time it is common to find other religious people to take part in it. It will be hard to find them out here, especially during the time of distributing Communion.
The schools announced holiday on Monday 6th, which is not common here, so many who did not know, came to school and returned back.
On 9th we as Community went to Pandripani for the Annual Retreat, where the Redemptorist Fathers are there, as the house for retreat was not over, we were staying in the place where Priests were living, they vacated for us for few days, sometimes they had to come to room take some necessary things.
During these days we had time to spend with Lord as well as sharing in Community; this place of our retreat is full of trees and there is good shadow.
On 15 we finished our Retreat and headed to Raurkela, where two of our Community members started their journey to Eluru where the Novices were taking first profession, and two Brothers returned to Community. On 18 Brothers from Kurdeg attended the Vocation Camp of Raurkela. It was like a competition where all the Congregations will present themselves in attractive manners.
The first profession was ended safe and sound with the solemn celebration with the Bishop of Eluru. Not so many attended at home, most of our dear ones were there, among the parents and relatives of newly professed Brothers.
As they were returning from Eluru Community, with them all the aspirants were returning too. Even those aspirants from Kurdeg parish came with the Brothers till Kurdeg.
On 21 we had the first Vocation Camp in Gumla district and diocese. Brothers were moving, leaving two Brothers at the service of the Community, for newly professed Brothers and aspirants were helping in the Camp. It was held in one of Jesuit Schools, as in previous years. Throughout the Camp, Br Abhay was not feeling well, and at the end got malaria.
After finishing the camp, Brothers used to visit the candidates’ families. This year was not easy because in the beginning no one knows each other, but in the end they know each other so they visited all the friend’s house.
On 26th there was the second Vocation Camp held in Simdega, where Brothers were getting good number of candidates; all were accommodated in the diocesan Social Welfare Centre in Simdega. There they welcomed us very well.  A newly professed Brother and some of our aspirants were also helping us throughout the camp. On 29th we finished our Camp with the results of 10th standard (matric), which helped us to scrutinize some. After finishing our camps we went to the house of the candidates and met their parents. We returned to our community that same day evening.
During the family visit it has been sometimes hard tell the families that we are not taking their sons for our Institute while the boy and family is willing to send their son into our Congregation.
On 30th there was also house visit in Jampani, Salgaposh and around Bolba; on the way back, Br Shishir came with us to our Community; he wanted to know our house in Kurdeg. He stays a couple of days in our house in helping us in the much he could.

These days in the Schools and in Parish all were preparing for the ordination of a deacon, Rajendra Xaxa, who is from this parish but to be ordained for the diocese of Ranchi. The celebration will be held on 2nd of May. 

Friday, 24 April 2015


Our Community started its own time to reflect the love of God during this Lenten season like reading the Rule of Life, austere meals as well as more and intense prayers.
March 1st is the first week of Lenten season in this year. We had several Community meetings of formation. Here villages are far to reach so every day Priests are going to celebrate Eucharist in the villages with Sacrament of Reconciliation in the beginning of Eucharist as well as Way of the Cross was conducted in their own villages guided by their “Prachar” (Catechist).
The World Cup Cricket matches were going on; on the other hand, the 10th and 12th Students are sitting for their final examination. It is always a temptation that during this time writing exams while whole country is worried about Cricket.
On 5th Friday, the Way of the Cross was done in different groups, it is done by School in different time so the people are free to join in any one of the School for Way of the Cross. The following day was “Holi” festival of colour. It is very hard to go out for People were being mad of throwing colour water to anyone who passes by.  
On 9th we started final exams in all the Schools. Sometimes it is very hard that students do not prepare because it has been told that all the students will pass; exams will be till 18th of March.
On 11th our new cat from parish gave birth to four kittens in the office room in the absence of Brothers at home. Soon after the examination Brothers were busy in correcting papers of students. It is very strange that students bring something for the Class-teacher: we do not know whether it is to thank the teacher for whole year teaching or to make him/her pass at the last moment. As there were exams going on, the Way of the Cross was not done in the Parish, so we did ourselves very piously in our Community.
Br Abhay was taking care of Fist Communion class in the absence of a regent Brother, later he was given some hours every day for preparation of First Communion.  There were around 60 boys and girls. They will be taking First Communion on April 11, in the absence of Br Abhay who will be doing Annual Retreat at that moment.
On 23rd was a Government holiday, we had recollection day in our neighbor Parish of Tainser. The assistant parish priest welcomed us well; that day we spent there, in the evening we returned to our community.
On 26th of Br Efra headed to Eluru Community for meeting of the Advisory Council, on the way our vehicle got punctured as the train was at night so we reached well; in our community we used to be there in the station before at least one or two hours before the arrival of Train.
On 27th Sisters form AP came for Vocation promotion; they stayed in our house; Brothers were helping them in “fishing girls”. Following day it was Saturday Fr Bipin came for Holy Mass, these days were holiday everyday so a Brother accompanied them to villages. Last year they took a candidate from this place, now she is continuing.
On Palm Sunday many people came; there was a long procession, more than usual attended the Eucharist. Unlike previous year new priests were here in assisting priests in confession and in Eucharist. Sisters did not move anywhere rather they helped in kitchen in cooking.

Brother Superior arrived from Eluru on the last day of the month, so our Community is again complete. We are preparing ourselves for the celebration of the Holy Week, in particular for the Easter Triduum.

Friday, 13 March 2015


What a wonderful month: Especially the beginning of this month was Sunday and then the following day was the Presentation of Our Lord. This very occasion is celebrated as a day dedicated to all the Consecrated men and women. This is year our Mother Church commemorates the Year of Consecrated Life. Many at times this day is also known as the candle day. In our early Eucharist in Kurdeg not so many had attended Holy Mass; we had short procession inside the Church with the candles.  During the day, we wished all our greetings to other Community Brothers through Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook, for these were the easy means to wish them though we get less coverage in our mobiles.

At the beginning of February, the whole Community ate out in Simdega were some works had to be done. There was Mela, which means funfair, and some of it will be moved to Kudeg after few days. These days the Schools have arranged sports day. It was held on 4th of this month. All the schools participated well enough in all the competitions. As Chief guest was the Bank Manager and the Special guest was the S.I. of Kurdeg. All the staff members had been divided into groups, so the teachers has to be in their own group accordingly they were provided a badge of the colour to which they belonged. This made a competitive sense among the students as well as the teachers.

On 5th there was a final Hockey Tournament which was held in Tainser. The final match was won by our school, many of the school staff have gone to encourage them. It is custom here that whenever the people get a prize (usually a goat), they used to bring it to all around and show the villagers and schools. It is a kind of encouragement and happiness they feel many times; the people who see also give something to encourage them.

These days we were moving to Mela (in Khalijore) where the whole village is gathered. At least to have a look at the things and shops which are there.

Around 9th of this month all those who were going to write exams (Board Exams) had a Holy Mass before they leave from the Schools both Nirmala and St Anne; soon after the Mass there was farewell in the school. In the same day, there was also picnic with some of the staff members along with players of the school. 

On 11th was the day dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes; as a Community we went in pilgrimage to Bagai, a village where there is a grotto of Our Lady at the top of the hill. It is not so far so we went by walk as some Brothers knew the way to reach that place. Soon after reaching the village there was a procession from the foot of the hill to the peak. We were praying Rosary. To reach top there is no proper way, many fell down while climbing the hill: there were young people who were very fast in climbing up and old people who were very slow to move. Downhill also many fell down; these was a kind of sign that everyone needed one another’s hand while walking. We were safe that none of us did touch the floor. Mother Mary showered rain with heavy wind on that day evening; unfortunately we had not any means to cover ourselves to return to home. One of the relatives of Br. Anand, who live there, aided in giving us umbrellas, which were not successful in sheltering us from the water because wind was so strong. Even a Brother, who came by bike, took Sisters in the scooty and fell down on the way because roads were so muddy and slippery to ride.

On 16th of this month the Final exams of the 10th students in Jharkhand started: teachers and parents were more worried about exams than students. Every day one or two teachers had to go to Simdega to greet them. It is also a custom that students have to go the centre of the District to write the exams.

In the meantime, Brother Superior was arranging papers for the purchase of the Land. Even headed to Ranchi, mostly he comes with news of unsuccessful work. It worries us especially our Community. In this place of Kurdeg we, Holy Family Brothers are more known as English Medium Brothers than whom we are. Sometime things are not done according to the expectation.

18th was the Ash Wednesday, we celebrated Holy Mass with all the School students because on this day all students are allowed to receive the imposition of the ashes, included Hindus. We kept day of fasting and penance. Every year we do so, we remember Lenten season in spending time in fasting, penance and prayer. May the Lord bless all so that may our prayer and penance help us personally and the Community.

On 28th we received the visit of the Jesuit Father and Advocate who is dealing with our Land; they came to Simdega and to Kurdeg. They had a look of the land, collected papers and other documents, had the lunch with us and went back to Ranchi. We hope that the Lord will help our Community so that we may flourish in this place of Kurdeg sharing our Charism by the means we could. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Without Jesus there is no Christmas. With Jesus there is Holy Family.
After celebrating Christmas, our Community of Kurdeg was in the mood of joy and happiness and sharing. There was not gift for us in Christmas except Jesus. Jesus came as a gift and brought love, which was so sweet and digestable; that is why, the Brothers could not manage to keep in the Community so we discussed and thought to share it from one family to another family belonging to Kurdeg Parish. By visiting and praying the Holy Rosary in the family, the Brothers filled and fulfilled our expectations. Those visiting familes were very happy and they shared their good sweet and bitter experiences mainly by their  family background, their children and their studies and the difficulties and challenges which they usually have and face every day. We were listening to them very attentively and understanding their reality.

We brought with us one Holy Family picture and some calendars to give to them. We started our moment of prayer with the thanksgiving, remembering the Providence for the past and the new year. Mainly, for the new life and the betterment and the happiest life in the family as our diocese of Simdega keeps 2015 as the year of the family. Our main prayer was: the family intentions, needs and plan for the new year; we prayed for the family problems, for the unity and mutual understanding among the family members, for those members who are out and working in various places and fields; we prayed for their children who are studying and not studying, for their future aim and studies; we prayed for those who are sick and old and physically suffering; we prayed for peace in the family; and also we prayed for their livestock (animals).

All the families we visited –totally 7 families in 5 different villages– were  very happy praying and sharing with us. We told that our coming and visiting to the families was to share the joy and happiness of Christmas, and, as we belong to the HOLY FAMILY (Brothers of the Holy Family), we also form one community or one family and we also come from a family. So our purpose was to share our the family/community and our characteristic family spirit. And we wanted to bring the good news in this new year. They always welcomed us with love and care. Never did they allow us to come back home empty-stomack. We enjoyed with them as well as we saw their family members.

“A family that prays together, stays together.”                
                          Br. A. K. E., FSF


Happy New Year to all!!
First January: Today morning our Community celebrated Eucharist having only two members, the other Brothers had gone to their homes. For the Mass there were huge number of people as any other days as well as nine priests who joined for the Mass. Though there were many for distributing Communion, religious were asked to come forward.

On 4th Sunday there was the joining of the Brothers in Community. We had a day of Gathering of Religious and Priests of our Deanery, so on that day in India we all celebrated Three Kings feast (Magi); our Community was also expecting the “three kings” who went home for New Year. Around evening our gathering came to an end, we gave some of our calendars to them so that they may have in their Communities and Schools.

With sudden change and the requirement of Brothers from the Novitiate, our Superior needed to move to Eluru to undertake the formation of the novices. It was on 8th; we went to railway station but the ticket was not yet confirmed, so we bribed the TTE to have a seat at least for sitting down in the train. 

January 10th: This is a “red-letter day” in the history of the Church of Kurdeg and the Church of Simdega, I hope, since it was the day of the Ordination of three Priests from the same family while elder brother already a Jesuit priest and younger one also a seminarian, doing his theological studies. Three Bishops were present on that day; we greeted our Bishop and many priests who were present to witness this historical event.  Stools were not sufficient for near hundred priests were present there.
The following day was Sunday. There was Thanksgiving Mass in the village of three newly ordained Priests; it was on the top of a hill, where there was no proper road to reach their house. As we reached there, we saw many people, even Fr. Raphael, who was the previous Parish priest of Kurdeg. There were so many people but no helpers, so we, Brothers and Sisters were helping them in the way we could.

On 14th there was holiday here for Makar Sankarnti, which is a day to thank the lord Sun, so people decorated the sky with kites. Mostly it is known as a festival of kites, so we Brothers also did some but was failure because it was always decorating the earth rather than the sky. We greeted the Community of Tamil Nadu on this day that celebrated the festival of Pongal.
0n 16th we started to move to do the “house visit” especially for family prayer, that was the moment we wished to share our family spirit with the family members of this Parish. The first house that we visited was our cook house because we wanted to visit families that we know better so that it will be easy to communicate and to pray together to the Holy Family.

This family prayer, we wanted to start early but because of the other programs we were delayed. Yet we were welcomed in many houses, but we had not sufficient time and means to reach all the places. In every house, soon after of the prayer, we had some moments of sharing. During that time, we had lot of enjoyments because it was about their experience in life.

On 19th of this month we got the connection for new gas cylinder after long period of months trying. Every day our routine was smoothly, going well and good. On 21st was the Birthday of our Br. Efraim who were supposed to be here, yet he was still in Eluru Community, and there he celebrated his birthday in that community with all Brothers, aspirants, postulants and novices.  We greeted him through Viber.

On 25th we prayed at the house of the Catholic Shaba President, that we planned to pray at the beginning, then it was the last house where we prayed in this month honouring the Holy Family. Each and every house, as we prayed in these days, it was something new for us as well as for all whom we met.

In all the Schools of Kurdeg, they started to prepare for the Republic Day function; for that, every day they had to practice the march and so on fast. On 26th, we celebrated the Republic Day and we paid tribute to our national flag, leaders, etc.  

On 27th Br. Efra arrived in Rourkela safe and sound; the train was not late like other times when he came. Again we are as Community with all the members together. Next day he relaxed in the house finishing some other peripheral works of our community.

On 29th he had to leave for Ranchi for land purpose, as he had gone that day was not successful either; God only knows when all these works are all going to be done. In the evening there was blessing of a house in Hatta village, so our Community was present there in sharing our joy as well as accompanying in the Mass and the programs.

We celebrated the month of Holy Family in different ways in our Community and we finished also this month with same spirit. Happy Holy Family Feast to all Brothers and candidates.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


On 1st of this month Bro Superior was in the Bishop’s House of Rourkela, and that day he left for Eluru to have some meetings of the Advisory Council of the Delegation of India. We were having our own timetable. These days are very cool in Kurdeg and we, Brothers take some efforts to reach in time; sometimes the electricity is cheating us because it is from night around 10:30 pm until morning 5:30 or 6:00 o’clock. It is like when we enter in the bathroom, then the electricity leaves us in darkness or sometimes exactly in the moment the priest starts the Mass.

On 2nd was the Election Day in Simdega district: all the Brothers had their right of Vote, as good Citizens. For the following days there was strike, we were in scarcity of money; we had a check to withdraw money from the bank as there was strike we could not take.

During these days we started to build a Grotto that later it was modelled as a crib.

On 3rd Brothers working in the High School got salary but the next day some people came from the board of electricity who demanded money for the installation of electricity at houses, we gave the amount for that purpose. We had not enough money to buy, that time an aspirant’s mother came and gave some money to give to his son who is studying in Eluru, with that we managed our Community.
From 9th the half yearly exams started in the Schools. Everyone was busy in studying as soon as exam finished in correcting it also.

On 11th in our parish the Marriage classes (sadi) started, which will last till Christmas. Br Abhay was dedicating an hour of Class for the couples every day as requested by the parish priest. Every day had some hours for preparing lessons. These classes in a way helped him to share our spirituality with them.
On 14th in the evening, Br Efra arrived in Rourkela station. Next day they had Vocation Promotion in Rengarih, and by the way, they visited Simdega for posting some letters and doing some purchase.

On 18th we did Vocation Promotion in Nirmala High School where our Brothers are working, there were some quite number of people who responded well.

As the Christmas are nearing, Brothers were asked to teach songs for the Christmas Vigil Mass. So these days at evening Br Abhay spent some hours in teaching Songs and Dances for the Marriage couples to be performed on the day of Christmas.

22nd we had recollection day in Dumberdih Parish, which our neighbour parish. The whole morning we spent there and he invited us for lunch too. Around 4:30 in the evening we left that place. It was a good day for spending a day with our Lord and for communication among the Brothers.

On 23rd a small cat came for the Morning Prayer to our chapel besides our cat (Mishi) that is almost every day present. A Redemptorist Father visited us in the morning, he was guiding retreat for those couples nearly for four days; he took the cat that newly arrived to our house to his house.

On 24th in the noon, we greeted the Priests and Sisters singing Carols as well as sharing some calendars with Christmas cakes, Br Sandip also joined us, who had come for his vacation to his house. Later we joined them for decorating Church and altar for evening Mass. The neighbour parish of Dumberdih was also in need of some religious Brothers or Sisters for distributing Holy Communion. Two of our Brothers went there in evening. It is not that much easy because these days are very cool and to travel will be very hard. They went for the Mass and returned our house that same night itself. The Vigil Mass was crowded here in our parish.

On 26th early morning, Br Subash said to us “albida” and left to his house. The following day was a strike in Jharkhand in which no vehicle will be moving; on that day, the other two Brothers were starting their holiday. Br Anand, who goes to Odisha, got some vehicle to reach this district from where he would get some other means to reach his house, but for Br Abhay there was no bus, so he took our bicycle to reach his house as he did the previous year. Evening we had some call conveying the safe arrival of our Brothers at home.

28th Sunday, Feast of the Holy Family, we were only two at the Community. We prepared food ourselves and gave leave for the cook; he came only in the morning to prepare breakfast. The next day, 29th, was the marriage of a staff member of High School who marries the sister of the High School Headmaster, so we attended the Marriage Mass with so many priests and six couples marriage including that of the teacher. That day we spent there only in the late evening we returned to home. Br. Sandip also joined in the last moment, after he went to his home.

On 29th there was a reception of this couple in the bridegroom’s place; we both Brothers made an act of presence in their house at noon which is quite far for from this place (Tainser parish). There, no phone tower to call anybody or GPS to find these places was working. But finally we managed to reach the place.

On 30th we were at home only, we occupied ourselves in our personal work.  As our small bike had minor problems were we brought it for service that day. These days it was cloudy as well as raining too. A bit boring days.

The last day of the year there was nothing special, everything seemed to be normal day. In the evening we went to help the Sisters in decorating the altar for the Mass on First of January of 2015, at nigh we watched a movie and went to sleep soon. That night was not like in the other Communities so we have no Mass at night to celebrate the new year…

From our Community, to all of you: Happy Ney Year of the Lord 2015!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


What a special day that we start with our Founder’s birthday as well as the All Saints’ Day. We all had to move that day to Ranchi to meet the Jesuit Priest for the matter of Land Registration Documents; as we reached his house he was out, but there by chance we met the religious Sisters whom we thought of meeting later. In their house we had our lunch and gave a parcel to send to Valladolid (for the Chapter) because it was not possible in the post-offices of Kurdeg and Simdega where computers were under reparation. The purpose of the day had ended successfully.

As it was Sunday, there had been two Masses, All Souls’ Day was in the same day and we joined in the first Mass. It took nearly 30 minutes to read all the names of the people (deceased); soon after the Mass all the faithful went to pray in the Cemetery of the village. Here every village had their own burial ground and the priest goes to villages and blesses them. Our Community in the evening prayed Rosary in the Cemetery of the village. These days we were reading from the Book of “Selection of Texts” of Br. Gabriel.

On 4th of this month some of our Brothers went to their home, Br Raja for his younger brother’s marriage, Br Anand for preparing his Aadhar Card. We went in community together, we dropped Br Anand at his house and then Br Raja at the Railway Station.

After some day Br Subash also had gone to his house for the purpose of making an Aadhar Card. During these days Parish Priest also had gone for Retreat. On 10, it was the marriage of Br Raja’s younger brother. Brothers prayed for the new couple.

On 12th Brothers from Tamil Nadu were going to various places for mission experiences. Two
Brothers were heading to Eluru community and three Brothers to the Community of Kurdeg; with them, Br Raja was also returning to his Community.

On 15th Brothers arrived in Rourkela in the early morning, then they had break in the house of Br Ardo, for he needed to reduce his luggage, so we refreshed ourselves there and around 11am we again started our journey to Simdega, where Br Efra was waiting for us. Br Sagar had cell phone, which did not work in Odisha as well in Jharkhand; this was for him new place and new culture also.  In the evening we had Holy Mass, night supper was in Community outside of our house, near fire, because here winter is very cold.

Sunday we celebrated the Holy Mass with the Faithful people. Later Br Ardo had to move to his mission place called Samsera, a parish church where our previous Parish Priest was transferred.
The following two days Br Dinesh and Br Sagar started to teach in the Middle School; for them it was a new experience because the first day itself all the boys were thoroughly inspected and those who were with long nails, long hair… were cut down by our Brothers. Brothers were also in charge of discipline.

During these weeks Brothers were teaching songs to the hostel fellows, with the permission of the Parish priest; we wanted to animate liturgy on the feast day of our Founder.

Another two days they went for vocation promotion in Gumla and Simdega dioceses. As it is cold, every day morning getting up was little bit hard for them. They made effort in helping many things here. They had also enough experience in vocational visiting School. Though they were absent for the prayer, the Brothers at home remembered them in their prayers. Every day at night before the Compline, we had the Novena to Our Founder.

As there was a rally of ‘Crusveer’ (Crusades which is group for the young students) in Simdega diocese for all the students of Mission schools, some of our Brothers were also taking around 50 students from the Middle School. Around 2,500 students gathered in Samtoli Parish. This was the first time a gathering organized for 3 days.

The last two days of this week, Brothers came to teach in High School, there was send-off test of 10th standard students, they were just supervising as well as checking the students of mal-practicing.
Someday our cook was not coming, so we ourselves adjusted in our timetables and cooked.
On Sunday 23 was the feat of Christ the King, in which the ordinary time has come to an end. Advent is at hand. Here this feast is celebrated in a grand manner, bearing the Blessed Sacrament in a long procession. The Priest will be treated as a king carried under the shadows of colorful umbrellas and walking on petals of flowers.

For this feast many used to gather to celebrate Holy Mass, so the neighbour Parish was in need of some Religious to distribute Holy Communion. In the morning, two Brothers went for distributing Holy Communion to the neighbor Parish (Dumardih) early in the cool morning.

Soon after the Mass, some Brothers left for Samsera to bring Br Ardo back. In the evening, all Brothers were gathered: those of Simdega rally, those of Dumardih and those of Samsera. After a week of experience, the Brothers were united again.

Happy feast because this day was the Founder feast on 24th, in the early morning, one Brother got up to cook, and we celebrated Mass together in the Parish Church; in the beginning of the Mass, Brothers were giving Introduction: in English by Br Efra, in Hindi by Br Abhay.
Soon after the Mass, some Brothers went to kitchen to cook and others to pray; after we all together in the kitchen because our cook is sick and he could not come. As it was Monday we went to School and in the evening only we started the work of cooking for the grand celebration.

 We needed to prepare for Parish community as well as for the Sisters community. Hard thing is the evening celebration that we 8 Brothers had to prepare food for 170 people, thanks the parish priest that he sent Nani (parish cook) and two girls to help us in cooking food.
All the Brothers were engaged in one or another work helping and cooking, it took some hours to cook for all, around 8.00pm all the Hostel kids (boys and girls) had meals, later we Religious and Priests had a moment of prayer to the Founder, then we proceeded with the agape. All the Brothers were tired as we worked well and hard; we were satisfied of what we had prepared with our hands. It was prepared with our own hands, though some had a little more salt, chilly or masala. With the same liquor of “The Founder’s Spirit” taken in Community and the prayer of the last day of the Novena, we concluded the day.
On 26th all the Brothers appeared in High School, they also thought in taking some class. As it was a market day, then, some Brothers that afternoon were accompanying them until the railway junction. While going we were stuck among the vehicles in the middle of the road. There was strike in Odisha, which stopped us for around 3 hours. Thanks God! That we reached the Station in time.

On 27th at noon, we started our Pilgrimage tour to Kolkata; at night, we started, in the morning we reached. And what a coincidence that that day, when we reached Howrah Station, there were Taxis only  for few hours, later there was also strike. We took, then, a bus to go to our residence. Everywhere Bengali was the only language. The name of ‘Mother Teresa’ or ‘Mother’ is known everywhere in the city. First day itself, we had a chance to visit Mother Teresa’s places of mission; above all, we have been in the place where she was living in and where she died. We prayed in front of her tomb for our Community, for our Mission in India and for the Beatification of our Founder. The rest of the day, we managed ourselves to go around the city.

Next day a priest, Fr Salamon OMI, guided us to some other places of Kolkata (like Science City, Victoria Memorial, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Planetarium…); that evening we stayed at his parish, which is away from the city, near Bangladesh border. Next day, early in the morning we headed to meet Br Subash’s niece, who is a Sister of St Anne of Kolkata. There we had a breakfast and a delicious lunch. From there we visited some other places (especially Chaitanya’s birthplace). Finally, we went to visit Our Lady of Bandel Shrine, and with the Blessing of Our Lady, we took the train towards the big Howrah Station. There, we visited the famous Howrah Bridge, we did some shopping, took supper and we headed to Rourkela. That night (29-30) we travelled in a cold weather.

Next day, 30th November, in the morning, our driver and friend was waiting for us in Rourkela station; as it was the First Sunday of Advent, we all went to Bishop’s House and participated in the Mass of the Cathedral (very long Mass). Br Efra, then, stayed in the Bishop’s House, since he had to travel the following day to Eluru for meetings of the Advisory Council of India. The rest of the Community Brothers moved to Kurdeg, where we arrived safe and sound.

The Community of Kurdeg